Expect the Unexpected!

Welcome to the uniquely funny and surreal world of the duo Strange Comedy. Shelly Mia Kastner and Jason McPherson portray two hapless variety performers caught in a world where their show props have taken upon a life of their own. In the style of the Muppets, costumes become uncontrollable, and magic tricks go horribly wrong which cause unforeseen situations as the two clowns try to survive this cartoon world of catastrophe. 

Strange Comedy is best known for their crazy illusions, surprising acrobatics and their hilarious and loveable clownery.
Wether it was in Cirque du Soleil, Le plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, the top Varietes venues of Europe, or in theatres around the world, the duo has brought laughter, gasps and thunderous applause to all ages and all cultures! We invite you to enter into our wonderfully crazy world of Strange Comedy!